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The Mosquito Verse website was dedicated to the parady movie directed by Nathan Town. The movie “Mosquito: Behind the Scenes Preview” is a comedic parody of Joss Whedon’s sadly short-lived “Firefly” television show.

As we look at the Kafkaesque nature of the film, one can’t help but wonder if the director was paying homage to Fellini or perhaps to James Cameron. The contrasting use of BOTH male AND female characters in the same story is simply TOO unconventional to pass without comment. Kudos to the lighting and camera personel for making every cast member look both appealing and intelligent. I look forward to more from this “bad-boy” director from Canada. What next? a Western with Sci-Fi elements? The world demands more from Nathan Town. Now Nathan! Now!

The website is now a mish mash of articles from sponsors and people who amde the movie! From local business to events, travel and home improvement. Yes, you heard it right. It’s funny how website can morph from one stage to another. We hope you enjoy and if you have any questions please contact us.