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Mosquito: Behind the Scenes Preview

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Mosquito: Behind the Scenes Preview

Mosquito: Behind the Scenes Preview

Mosquito: Behind the Scenes Preview is a comedic parody of Joss Whedon’s sadly short-lived “Firefly” television show. Clips and interviews with the cast and crew accentuate this humorous sneak peak at another up and coming, yet doomed to failure, science fiction/western series.

Based on the DVD featurette “Here’s How it Was,” this short was filmed and produced by a crew in and around Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, between May 9th and June 15th, 2005.

Directed by: Nathan Town

Nathan won the Best Director Award at the 2004 NSI National Exposure Amateur Movie Contest for his short Surprise Visit.
His next project, Untamed Suburbia, premiered at the 2005 Vancouver Celebration of Independence.

View Untamed Suburbia
PC download 6:26 – 23MB wmv

View Surprise Visit
Windows Media 22.2 MB
Right-Click and hit “Save Target As” (Currently Not Available)

Graphic Design by: Chris Noto

A Big Thank-You to all the DragonCon fans

Thank you to all the DragonCon fans for coming out to see Mosquito during the convention. Your response to its viewing at the Serenity panel was overwhelming and highly appreciated.

Acknowledging the following credits


Kari, Les and Kevin from the Signal Podcast interview Nathan and Sandra at Dragoncon. (scroll down to episode 12.5) Mike and Evo from the Slice of Sci-Fi Podcast interview Nathan. Nathan interview on Browncoat Alliance. Mosquito mentioned in article. Adam Baldwin throws some love our way during an interview. Little rant from Nathan on The Signal Podcast. (scroll down to #8)
Technical Notes
Film Format:Mini DV 720 X 480
Video Edited on:Adobe Premiere Pro
Audio Edited on: Pro Tools
Camera:Canon XL1
Movie Running time: 11 Minutes MOSQUITO CREDITS
Directed by Nathan TownWritten by Nathan TownAlexis BraunCamera Erin WutkeCraig RatzComputer Animation Bob Greenwith Curtis WachsVideo Editing Nathan TownAudio Editing Les ChalmersGraphic/Web Design Chris NotoStill Photography Sandra TownChris NotoGrips Chris BeyetteJohn GunstonScott RichardsChris NotoJoel BraunKelly HiscockDave JacksonMark JacksonMusic Adrian Kuryliwwith Vaughn ThorsteinsonAlbert Hayesand Adam PappasAdditional Assistance Alexis BraunChris NotoJohn Gunston

CASTDirector Capt. Calvin McKenzie Chloe DryIonna Susan Daisy Samuel Fahr Winter Fahr Tome Ferret NarratorThug 1 Thug 2 Thug 3 Client GafferCamera Operator James WarnezNathan TownCindy RousseauJohn GunstonEmilie BlaikieChris BeyetteTrisha ColemanJoel BraunAlexis BraunCraig Russell Scott RichardsTroy NottChris NotoKelly HiscockMark Jackson Joel Cox Ken KuryliwErin Wutke


Mint GraphicsSpruce Woods Provincial ParkObermaier’s Meat ShopJunior Ranks BarBetty and Robert TownAngela BlaikieBrent AllumErica ChalmersSharon SpringerRobert Richardson Jr.Elgin and Evelyn Beyette


Take my dog, take my catWestern without cowboy hats
Look at me I’m on TVYou can’t take this show from me
Take our doctor, make him squealI’m told our whore is quite a deal
We say Zed instead of ZeeYou can’t take this show from me
They’re airing baseball yet againWe might not break episode ten
But you can’t take this show from me